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BOUNDARIES! We all need them.

Boundaries...We all have them... And we all need them... Some people have really strong boundaries that may even border on inflexible. Other people have little to no boundaries at all. Both extremes can cause problems if we are not careful. Most of us are somewhere in between and often our boundaries move about and shift depending on what is happening around us. Boundaries can be tricky things to manage, but if we make some decisions about how we want to be then boundaries can be quite easy to manage. If we take some time (not like all day) and decide how we want to do things, our boundaries just seem to happen. Like physical boundaries, with strangers, they might be big and strong, but with those we love and who love us, they might be small and movable. It just depends on how we want to do things. So, take a moment and figure out how you want to be and your boundaries will develop from there.

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